Daily Deals: $100 Xbox Gift Card for $90, Zelda Manga Sale, and More

Today's daily deals for Sunday, June 18 include a $100 Xbox gift card for $90. Plus, you can save on the Pac-Man Arcade1Up cabinet, the Zelda manga box set, and more. And, don't miss deals on a Razer wireless gaming headset with haptic feedback, the recently released Fire Emblem Engage game for the Switch, other digital Nintendo Switch games on sale, deals on Apple AirPods, and a lot more.

$100 Xbox Gift Card for $90

Xbox Gift Card $100Use Code SSCTA824Xbox Gift Card $100 10% off $100.00$90.00

It's the classic discounted gift card sale once again! If you like to buy games on Xbox, then you'll probably love to hear that you can get a $100 Xbox gift card for $90. You can then stack those savings by purchasing games on sale on the Xbox store to save even more money, or just use it to get a little bit of money off your Game Pass subscription. Just head to the link above and use the promo codeSSCTA824 to nab this deal.

The Legend of Zelda Complete Box Set for 32% Off

The Legend of Zelda Complete Box SetPaperbackThe Legend of Zelda Complete Box Set 32% off $79.99$54.73

Are you on a Zelda kick thanks to Tears of the Kingdom? Well lucky for you, there's a ton of Zelda stuff out there. This includes The Legend of Zelda manga box set, which is discounted by 32% today over at Amazon. This box set includes 10 manga volumes, which adapt the stories of classic Zelda games like Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and a lot more. The art is gorgeous, and it's fun to experience the world of Zelda through stories where Link actually… Talks!

Get Three Free Months of Xbox Game Pass with the Backbone Controller

Backbone One for Android - PlayStationFree 3-month Xbox Game Pass UltimateBackbone One for Android – PlayStation $99.99Backbone One for AndroidFree 3-month Xbox Game Pass UltimateBackbone One for Android $99.99

The Backbone controller is already a great option for cloud gaming on your smartphone, but today that deal is even better. For $99.99, you can get both the Backbone gaming controller for Android devices and three free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is a $44.99 value. Game Pass seems to be going on sale less and less these days, so you have to scoop up these deals when you can. And fortunately, these two products go great together, as Game Pass gets you access to Xbox's cloud gaming beta, where you can play tons of Xbox Game Pass games directly from your phone.

Bandai Namco Pac-Man Deluxe Arcade Game

Bandai Namco Pac-Man Deluxe Arcade GameArcade1UpBandai Namco Pac-Man Deluxe Arcade Game 10% off $499.99$449.99

Arcade1Up makes some of the best mainstream arcade replicas around, including this Pac-Man Deluxe arcade game cabinet. This cabinet contains 14 classic games, including Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Dig Dug II, Pac-Mania, Pas & Pal, Super Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus, Pac-Land, Galaga, Galaxian, Galaga '88, Mappy, Rompers, and Rolling Thunder. It's a great party piece if you have friends over, and you can also spend plenty of time just trying to set high scores for yourself.

Digital Nintendo Switch Game Sale

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of HopeNintendo SwitchMario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope 50% off $59.99$29.99Xenoblade Chronicles 3Nintendo SwitchXenoblade Chronicles 3 30% off $59.99$41.99Monster Hunter Rise + SunbreakNintendo SwitchMonster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak 33% off $59.99$39.99Metroid DreadNintendo SwitchMetroid Dread 30% off $59.99$41.99

There's a digital Nintendo Switch sale happening over at Amazon right now, with great discounts on some of the system's best gems. You can save 50% on Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, and there are also discounts on first-party games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Metroid Dread. And, a huge sale on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which is an absolute steal considering the hundreds of hours of content held within.

Sega Games On Sale

Like a Dragon: Ishin!SegaLike a Dragon: Ishin! 33% off $59.99$39.99Persona 5 RoyalSegaPersona 5 Royal 67% off $59.99$19.99Sonic FrontiersSegaSonic Frontiers 33% off $59.99$39.99

SEGA has put some of its best recent games on sale. This includes Persona 5 Royal, which is an essential RPG if you're a fan of the genre. Plus, Sonic Frontiers is discounted, and absolutely worth playing and running around in for 40 bucks. Finally, you can check out Like a Dragon: Ishin, a Yakuza spinoff that doesn't require eight games of backstory for you to enjoy.

Kingdom Hearts: 20th Anniversary King Mickey Plush

Kingdom Hearts: 20th Anniversary King Mickey PlushSquare EnixKingdom Hearts: 20th Anniversary King Mickey Plush 10% off $94.99$85.19

Kingdom Hearts fans should check out this deal on a 20th Anniversary King Mickey plush. This is an import from Japan, so it's naturally more expensive than plushes you'll find over here, so hopefully this discount helps balance things out a bit. This plush has King Mickey in his Kingdom Hearts II outfit, with a 20th anniversary logo on his foot. It also includes his trunk case that fans will recognize from the games.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon Is 28% Off

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost DemonNintendo SwitchBayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon 28% off $59.99$42.78

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is a surprisingly amazing spinoff from the mainline Bayonetta action series. Bayonetta Origins is a much different take on the iconic witch, trading in Platinum's trademark frenetic action for a slower-paced, more puzzle-oriented action adventure. And the results are stunning, with a gorgeous painterly art style and moment-to-moment gameplay that might scratch the itch of those who miss classic, top-down, 2D Zelda games. It's one of the year's biggest sleeper hits, and one that shouldn't be missed for the 28% discount over at Amazon.

Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia Is 53% Off

Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-iaSEGASonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia 53% off $79.99$37.33

If you're a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, you should definitely check out this deal on the Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia, a hardcover book celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Blue Blur. This Deluxe Edition is discounted over 50% when you apply the coupon before checkout. In this Deluxe Edition, you'll get an exclusive mosaic cover, a gold foil slipcase, and prints of Sonic and Dr. Eggman, along with all of the great contents of the book itself.

Preorder The Art of Final Fantasy XVI

The Art of Final Fantasy XVISquare EnixThe Art of Final Fantasy XVI $39.99

Final Fantasy XVI is out this month, and you can preorder the game's official art book today. Scheduled to launch in March 2024, The Art of Final Fantasy XVI contains over 300 pages of concept art and illustrations. From the towering Eikons to the beautiful vistas of Valisthea, this art book compiles all the best visuals of Final Fantasy XVI.

AirPods Pro (2nd generation) for 20% Off

AirPods Pro (2nd generation)AppleAirPods Pro (2nd generation) 20% off $249.99$199.99

More Deals From This Week

Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless Gaming Headset for $79.99

Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset with Haptic FeedbackRazer Nari Ultimate Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset with Haptic Feedback 60% off $199.99$79.99

Today Amazon is offering the Razer Nari Ultimate wireless gaming headset for the PS5 or PC (not for the Xbox) for only $79.99. That's a massive 60% price drop from its original $200 MSRP. The Razer Nari Ultimate is one of Razer's higher end gaming headsets. It features big 50mm drivers and THX Spatial Audio 7.1ch surround sound. The Nari's claim to fame, however, is the implementation of haptic feedback for even more immersion in your games. As our review puts it, "it kind of simulates having a subwoofer strapped to your skull." The haptics might seem like a gimmick at first glance, but it works surprisingly well, especially for high-octane games like action, horror, fighting, and shooters.

Fire Emblem Engage for Switch for $39.99

Fire Emblem EngageSwitchFire Emblem Engage 33% off $59.99$39.99

Woot is offering the new Fire Emblem Engage game for only $39.99. Amazon Prime members get free shipping as well. Engage is the latest Fire Emblem strategy game for the Nintendo Switch following the immensely popular Three Houses. We awarded the game a 9/10 in our IGN review. The gameplay is every bit as enjoyable and challenging as Three Houses and there are plenty of QoL improvements that make some of the rote sections common to SRPGs much more palatable. The story is definitely simpler and more predictable than Three Houses, but it still provides a suitable backdrop for the fun battles, and this time around your protagonist is fully voiced. It's worth checking out at $39.99.

55" TCL R646 4K Mini LED QLED TV for $549.99

55" TCL R646 4K Mini-LED QLED Google TV55" TCL R646 4K Mini-LED QLED Google TV 8% off $599.99$549.99

Unlike the other two 2022-released TVs on the list, the R646 was TCL's flagship TV of 2021. That shouldn't turn you away, however, because this TV performs every bit as well but at a lower price. It boasts a Mini-LED panel with quantum dot (QLED) technology, wide color gamut, and full-array LED backlight with 240 zones of local dimming. The 120Hz native refresh rate and two HDMI 2.1 ports means that this TV is capable of 4K@120Hz gaming with the PS5 or Xbox Series X consoles. It also has variable refresh rate and auto low latency mode. For the smart interface, the R646 stays with the tried and true Google TV.

55" TCL R655 4K Mini LED QLED TV for $649.99

55" TCL R655 4K Mini-LED QLED Roku TV55" TCL R655 4K Mini-LED QLED Roku TV $649.99

The TCL R655 is the 2022 refresh of the R646. The improvements are minimal but so is the price discrepancy. There are two main changes with the newer R655. Whereas the R646 can do 4K @ 120Hz, the R655 can actually go all the way up to 4K @ 144Hz. Also, whereas the R646 uses the Google TV smart interface, the R655 uses a Roku smart interface. I personally think Roku is more user friendly.

55" Hisense U8H 4K Mini LED TV for $648

55" Hisense U8H 4K Mini LED QLED Google TV55" Hisense U8H 4K Mini LED QLED Google TV 7% off $699.99$648.00

The U8H was Hisense's flagship TV of 2022 and pricing is pretty much identical to the TCL R655. Although the featureset between the two is nearly identical, the Hisense offers a few subtle advantages. The Hisense U8H has more local dimming zones so it's able to deliver a better image when bright and dark elements are present in the same image. The Hisense TV is also a bit better for games because it has a faster response time. Unlike the R655, the Hisense U8H uses the Google smart TV interface. Even if you find the older 2021 U8G on sale, you shouldn't consider it because that TV does NOT have a Mini-LED panel.

HP OMEN 17" RTX 4080 Gaming Laptop for $1959.99

HP OMEN 17" 2560x1440 (QHD) Intel Core i7-13700HX RTX 4080 Laptop 16GB RAM, 512GB SSDHP OMEN 17" 2560×1440 (QHD) Intel Core i7-13700HX RTX 4080 Laptop 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD Must select the following: i7 + RTX 4080, 1440p Display19% off $2,409.99$1,959.99

HP is currently has the HP OMEN 17 RTX 4080 equipped gaming laptop for only $1959.99. This is an incredibly powerful gaming laptop and the price is more reasonable than you'd expect; other RTX 4080 equipped gaming laptops currently sell for at least $2300, and most sell for closer to $3000. Even better, it's paired with the newest 13th gen Intel Core i7-13700HX Raptor Lake CPU and a higher-resolution 17" 2560×1440 display.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Click Here
  2. Select Processor & Graphics: i7-13700HX + RTX 4080 (+$650)
  3. Select Display: QHD 2560×1440 (+$60)
  4. Final price should be $1959.99

HP OMEN 17t RTX 4090 Gaming Laptop for $2359.99

HP OMEN 17" 2560x1440 Intel Core i7-13700HX RTX 4090 Laptop with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSDHP OMEN 17" 2560×1440 Intel Core i7-13700HX RTX 4090 Laptop with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD Must select the following: i7 + RTX 4090, 1440p Display16% off $2,809.99$2,359.99

HP is offering this HP OMEN 17 RTX 4090 gaming laptop for under $2400! This is an absolute monster of a gaming laptop that's most powerful than most gaming desktops. This may be the first mobile GPU that can handle up to 4K gaming at 60+ fps (or, in this case, handle 1440p gaming without breaking a sweat).

Follow these instructions:

  1. Click here
  2. Select Processor and Graphics – Intel® Core™ i7-13700HX (up to 5.0 GHz, 30 MB L3 cache, 16 cores, 24 threads) + NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4090 Laptop GPU +$1050
  3. Select Display – 17.3" diagonal, QHD (2560 x 1440), 165 Hz, 3 ms response time, IPS, micro-edge, anti-glare, Low Blue Light, 300 nits +$60
  4. Final price will be $2359.99 with Free Shipping

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