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The Flash Movie: Michael Keaton In Talks to Play Batman Again

Michael Keaton is reportedly preparing to reprise his role as Batman, but not in the movie you might be expecting. First reported by The Wrap and confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, Keaton is currently in talks to appear in the upcoming Flash movie, appearing alongside Ezra Miller's Barry Allen. (Here's …

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Batman (20th Anniversary Edition) Blu-ray Review

Up until 1989, the character of Batman was most associated with the campy comic-book inspired television version (spun off to an even sillier feature film) starring Adam West as the caped crusader. But it was Burton who first replaced the tights and briefs with solid black body armor, dispensed with …

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From Dark Knight to Batman '66: Every Batman Movie Gadget!

There are certain staples of any solid Batman diet: cape and cowl, batmobile, Alfred, insane villain and, of course, bat-gadgets. And lots of them. For what good is Batman without his trusty utility belt and the many, many enthralling pieces of tech contained therein? So with The Dark Knight Rises …

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