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The 10 Best Liam Neeson Movies of All Time

He's battled Batman, trained Jedi, led revolutions, and chased down kidnappers using a "particular set of skills." The Oscar-nominated Liam Neeson's been fighting the good fight for decades, bouncing from drama to action to rom-coms to…well, action again. But which are Liam Neeson's best films of all time? We've whittled …

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From Dark Knight to Batman '66: Every Batman Movie Gadget!

There are certain staples of any solid Batman diet: cape and cowl, batmobile, Alfred, insane villain and, of course, bat-gadgets. And lots of them. For what good is Batman without his trusty utility belt and the many, many enthralling pieces of tech contained therein? So with The Dark Knight Rises …

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