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GTA Online Adds Long-Requested 50 Car Garage

Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest update has added the long-requested 50 car garage for players to show off all the wonderful, wild, and wacky vehicles they’ve collected over the years. Located on Los Santos’ Eclipse Boulevard, the 50 car garage is spread across five floors and is available at no …

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E3 2014: GTA V Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC

Rockstar's 2013 hit, Grand Theft Auto 5, is coming to PS4 this fall. It is also coming to Xbox One and PC, either at the same time or likely shortly thereafter.If you've already spent tons of time in GTA Online, don't worry. Your multiplayer progress will carry over to the …

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Grand Theft Auto Online Review

As a single-player game, Grand Theft Auto V is defined by its characters more than by the player, for me at least. It’s the story of three equally troubled criminals with different backgrounds and motivations, and their personalities and proclivities shaped the way I played. GTA Online is a space …

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