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Our Love-Hate Relationship With Licensed Games

These days video games have gotten so complex, expensive, and time-consuming to develop that it’s apparently not worth the trouble of churning them out to coincide with every major movie release or hit TV show. While fully-fledged video game adaptations used to be commonplace for every major genre blockbuster, you’re …

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Hogwarts Legacy Review

Like many, I’ve been waiting for a truly excellent Harry Potter game since I was in the third grade. In that time, we’ve gotten some respectable LEGO Potter games, an underwhelming EA Sports Quidditch game for some reason, and even suffered through the fevered nightmare that is Harry Potter Kinect. …

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How Harry Potter Fans Are Coping With J.K. Rowling

Editor's Note 3/19/2022: With the Hogwarts Legacy video game receiving a fresh round of promotion ahead of release, Harry Potter fans are once again questioning how to grapple with their love of the Wizarding World in the face of J.K. Rowling's transphobic rhetoric, so we're resurfacing this article on the …

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