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Nintendo Switch Piracy Subreddit Shut Down

Reddit has shut down the most prominent Nintendo Switch emulation and piracy subreddit after its member count balloned over the last six weeks. As reported by PC Gamer, the 69,800 member subreddit was a leading forum to discuss the modding (and therefore pirating) of Nintendo Switch games. Perhaps due to …

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Star Ocean: The Second Story R Remake Leaked

A logo for Star Ocean: The Second Story R has leaked via Square Enix’s support website. Spotted by RPG Site, the banner with the logo was found on Square Enix’s official support site, but it has since been taken down. The link that leads to the logo now shows a …

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The Incredible Hulk Will Finally Be on Disney Plus

The Incredible Hulk, the 2008 Marvel Studios film starring Edward Norton, is finally coming to Disney+ tomorrow. The Disney+ Twitter account surprised fans Thursday with the poster for The Incredible Hulk, saying the movie will smash into the platform very soon. This puts Disney+ one step closer to completing its …

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