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IGN Presents: The History of Prince of Persia

A nameless traveler climbs the palace walls of Persia merely to glimpse the Sultan's daughter, more beautiful than the new moon. A jealous Vizier imprisons them both, one in the highest tower, the other in the lowest dungeon. The traveler is undaunted. The path to save his Princess is treacherous, …

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Prince of Persia 3D

Jordan Mechner's career in computer games spans nearly two decades, but what he's been most renowned for was the original Prince of Persia, released for the Apple ][ back in 1989. Among that games many achievements–innovative gameplay, cutting edge motion capture–was has since been somewhat overlooked: the game's unique setting, …

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E32000: Prince of Persia Playtest

As I stepped into the Mattel booth to play their allotment of Dreamcast games, I knew which one I wanted to give a spin first. Prince of Persia was sitting by itself on one screen in the corner, and I headed right for it. Initially, someone else was playing so …

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