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Winnie the Pooh Is Now the Subject of a Bizarre Indie Horror Game

Twice Different, the Australian-based indie game studio behind the 2020 card crawler Ring of Pain, has announced a bizarre horror game featuring our favorite silly old bear, Winnie's Hole. Introduced out of nowhere at the end of the Blessing Show yesterday, the game is a Steam-exclusive rogue-lite genre blend where …

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Steam Deck vs. Gaming Laptop: Which Should You Buy?

The Steam Deck lobbed an unexpected grenade into the PC gaming world, distilling the handheld PC gaming experience into a simple, approachable, and affordable device. Gaming laptops are versatile but expensive and lack the ultra-portable handheld convenience of Steam’s device. That may sway you towards Valve’s handheld, but the Deck’s …

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Best Power Banks for Steam Deck in 2023

As many of us will finally be starting to receive our Steam Deck, there's never been a better time to check out some of the most essential accessory options to choose from at the moment. This includes powered USB hubs, Bluetooth headphones, and SD cards, but you might want to …

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