Alan Wake 2 Officially Announced, Will Be Remedy's "First Survival Horror Game"

After over a decade, Remedy Entertainment has officially announced a sequel to Alan Wake at The Game Awards 2021.

During the show, Remedy premiered a briefly trailer officially announcing Alan Wake 2. We don't know much about the plot, but apparently the story will "eat you alive."

"We know this is going to be a pretty scary experience," Remedy's Sam Lake said at The Game Awards.

It will be Remedy's first ever survival horror game. The original had survival horror elements, but it was an action game, Lake said. Remedy will be going dark "for a while" and will be back when the studio is ready to show more.

Alan Wake 2 Reveal Trailer Gallery

Alan Wake is a critically-acclaimed adventure mystery game starring the eponymous Alan Wake, a writer who visits the small town of Bright Falls, Washington to cure his writer's block. While on the trip, his wife is kidnapped by a mysterious force and he must use the power of light to rescue her.

Remedy combined elements of Stephen King and Twin Peaks to create a memorable adventure, but aside from an arcade-style pseudo-sequel, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, the series became dormant as Remedy began work on games like Quantum Break and Control.

There were also some rights issues when Remedy confirmed in 2018 that Alan Wake requires Microsoft's permission as the publishing rights holder. But in 2019 Remedy confirmed it acquired the full rights to Alan Wake from Microsoft, opening the door for future releases.

This became apparent when Alan Wake, who was already referenced in Control's Case Files scattered around the map, was a main character in the post-launch DLC AWE. Remedy confirmed that Control and Alan Wake exist in a shared Remedy universe.

Check out IGN's Control review and why we chose Control as our 2019 game of the year.

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