Sainted Love Is the Perfect Sci-Fi Romance Comic for Pride Month

With so many comics launching on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter these days, a new series needs a strong hook to stand out. That's certainly not an issue for Vault Comics' Sainted Love. This high-concept science fiction series features a healthy mix of time travel, globetrotting adventure and queer romance. In other words, it's the perfect comic to debut during Pride Month.

IGN can exclusively debut a new preview of Sainted Love #1, which is written by Steve Orlando (Marauders) and drawn by cartoonist Giopota. Get a closer look in the slideshow gallery below:

Sainted Love #1: Exclusive Preview Gallery

The creative team on Sainted Love also includes colorist Rosh and letterer Simon Bowland.

Sainted Love revolves around two lovers in early 20th Century New York – the brilliant inventor Malcolm Irina and skilled boxer John Wolf. The two men are forced to hide their romance from the outside world, at least until Irina's time machine sends them on a whirlwind journey across the ages. And their enemy will stop at nothing less than wiping all traces of homosexuality from human memory.

Sainted Love is, in a lot of ways, the book my whole career's been building to–it's unabashed, it's bold, it's provocative, and it's sexy!” said Orlando in Vault's press release. “It speaks truths through fiction, reveals history through fantasy, and is the proud, asskicking adventure that brings together the themes I've been building for years across many titles and publishers. Its two heroes criss-crossing to defend not just their love, but all of our loves, and all of our history. And god help anyone who tries to get in their way and erase it!”

“Steve and I have been talking about working together for years. Eventually, I realized that what I wanted from him was a story that focused on the details he’s managed to capture throughout his career, but which publishers have not always given the spotlight” says Vault’s Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief Adrian Wassel. "I wanted tangled up romances and complex friendships, expansive and inventive settings, and gay characters front and center. Once I made myself clear, Steve pitched Sainted Love. Then Giopota came aboard, bringing the warmth and joy of Miyazaki to our tale—and here we are. Our goal is simple: we want Sainted Love to be the most wildly fun and gayest comic we’ve ever made, especially now, in a moment when the ALA is reporting unparalleled numbers of book challenges and calls for censorship. And we’d like to show the world what we know, deep down in our bones: readers want original stories with heroes like Irina and Wolf at the helm.”

"Our goal is simple: we want Sainted Love to be the most wildly fun and gayest comic we’ve ever made."

Sainted Love is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

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