Samsung Announces its Next Generation Neo QLED TVs

Samsung is introducing a new generation of TVs called Neo QLED. The company was the first to introduce QLED 4K TVs imbued with quantum dot technology and now is following that up with something new.Neo QLED TVs feature an all-new backlighting technology that uses smaller LEDs called Quantum Mini LED that also eliminate the need for a layer of lenses to capture and transmit backlight illumination. Now each compact Quantum Mini LED also emits its own light similar to how OLED screens work, but since they're made of inorganic material, there's no chance of burn in.The smaller LED also allows more lights to be packed into the same space, resulting in more backlighting zones and even greater brightness. At the same time, the smaller LEDs offer more finely controllable brightness and reduced bloom, resulting in higher contrast and deeper blacks.

One other benefit of Quantum Mini LEDs is they're 1/40 of the height of a conventional LED, so Samsung will be able to reduce the thickness of its NeoLED TVs.

Aside from the impressive new backlighting system, Samsung has fitted its Neo QLED TVs with a new AI Quantum processor. This new chip can more quickly process 8K image upscaling and introduce object-tracking sound that follows the action happening on the screen.

Samsung’s new Neo QLED TVs also introduces two new gaming TV-focused features. First up, Ultrawide Gameview is all about giving users the option of turning their TV into an ultrawide 21:9, or even super ultrawide 32.9, display. Secondly, there’s a new Game Bar UI that allows players to quickly change their aspect ratio, check input lag, and connect a gaming headset.

The first TVs to get the Neo QLED treatment include Samsung’s flagship QN90A line. Additionally, Samsung has announced a new Neo QLED QN900A 8K TV as well. We’re sure to get more details and specs on these TVs in the coming days, but don’t expect to see pricing until a few months later.

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