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LEGO Brawls is Basically Super Smash Bros. For LEGO

Fans of platform brawlers like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can now look forward to LEGO Brawls, an Apple Arcade game that's making the move to consoles. Confirmed for Nintendo Switch in yesterday's Nintendo Direct, today we're learning LEGO Brawls is also coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles this June. …

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Review

Some rats won't listen to reason. Just the other day, I met one at the top of a flight of stairs who asked me if the zombie-like creatures crucified below us were any danger to him, and I assured him they most certainly were. But the punk got it in …

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FTL: Advanced Edition Review

There’s something special about a game where you can choose to reroute power away from the vital life-support system to the weapons and coax one last shot out of your crippled, flaming wreck of a spaceship. It’s the kind of desperate, so-crazy-it-just-might-work move James T. Kirk or Han Solo would …

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