Tears of the Kingdom's NPCs Really Just Want Link to Put Some Clothes on

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is full of little details and easter eggs that make exploring the world an utter delight. And one specific feature that carried over from Breath of the Wild is the way so many different characters react to Link behaving in unusual ways. More specifically, to Link being naked.

Okay, so Link technically can't ever be totally naked. He's got a pretty snazzy looking pair of shorts he wears no matter what. But if he avoids a shirt and pants combo, loads of characters will comment on his appearance with remarks ranging from amused to confused to scandalized. Here are just a handful we found:

Even the robotic Zonai Constructs don't understand why Link is acting this way.

A lot of people seem to really want Purah's attention, and I don't think this is the best way to get it.

Poor Paya. She's already awkward enough around Link – why do we have to make things even harder for her?

Some characters don't respond at all to Link's nakedness. Others will make casual passing remarks as Link walks by, like Robbie's snarky observation here.

Beedle would help if he could, but, alas.

These traveling Gerudo were hoping to find men on their journey, and have been practicing how to engage in normal interactions with them after years of never meeting one. Link manages to ruin all their training without speaking a single word.

Impa, like Purah, doesn't think much of Link's life choices if you approach her dressed this way.

Traysi from the Lucky Clover Gazette isn't one to judge.

These are just a few of the interactions.

These are far from the only interactions Link has with various Hyrule citizens when he wanders around in a state of undress. And, in fact, characters will react to other strange behavior too. Using Ultrahand, fighting monsters, or swinging weapons around will illicit reactions from almost all NPCs. Certain Sheikah characters get really upset if you show up dressed as a Yiga. And many people don't like it if you try to talk to them while standing atop tables:

You can also get big reactions from Stable Masters by bringing something that isn't actually a horse and trying to register it:

There are surely numerous other small interactions scattered across Hyrule that can be found depending on what Link is wearing or doing given the massive level of detail present in this game. We'll keep sharing them as we dig them up.

For help with everything else Tears of the Kingdom, take a look at our Tears of the Kingdom Walkthrough and Guide about making your way through Hyrule. In fact, you can start here:

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