Where to Stream Every John Wick Movie Online in 2023

With stylish cinematography and expertly choreographed fight scenes, John Wick has cemented itself as one of the best action film franchises of the last decade. The ongoing series realized its potential with John Wick: Chapter 4, which IGN called "a modern action masterclass" and awarded a rare 10/10 review score.

With John Wick 4 now available to purchase digitally, we've compiled a complete list of where you can stream every John Wick movie online in 2023.

Where to Watch the John Wick Movies Online

All four John Wick movies are available to watch online: John Wick 1–3 are streaming free with ads on Tubi; John Wick: Chapter 4 can be purchased through digital storefronts such as Prime Video and YouTube. If you prefer to watch the first three movies without ads, they too can be rented or purchased through Prime Video or YouTube, though Tubi is one of the best free movie websites.

Here's our full breakdown of how to watch John Wick online in 2023 with links to where you can stream each movie:

Future John Wick Movies

There are multiple new John Wick-related productions in the works across film and television.

First up is The Continental, a three-part prequel series starring Mel Gibson, which debuts in September on Peacock.

Ballerina, a feature-film spinoff starring Ana de Armas's character Ruska Roma, is scheduled to hit theaters on June 7, 2024.

John Wick 5 is officially a go at Lionsgate, though the mainline sequel remains in early development.

Lastly, there's the yet-to-be-confirmed Sofia Al-Azwar spinoff hinted at by actor Halle Berry.

You can also check out our list of movies like John Wick for similar films.

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