Where to Watch Every Spider-Man Movie Online in 2023

60 years after his first comic book appearance, Spider-Man remains one of the world's most recognizable and beloved superheroes, thanks in large part to the excellent Sony and Marvel films released over the past 20 years. Those films, starring three iterations of Peter Parker for three different generations of moviegoers, can all be streamed online.

For those looking to watch or re-watch the films ahead of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (now in theaters), we've compiled this guide on where you can stream all of the Spider-Man movies right now.

Where to Watch Spider-Man Online

The complete Spider-Man film saga includes nine movies — eight live-action and one animated. Outside of those leading roles, the web-slinging hero appears in a handful of other Marvel and Sony movies, which we've detailed in a section below.

Thankfully, all nine movies are available to stream online, though viewing them all will require subscriptions to three streaming services. Each of the films can also be rented or purchased on Prime Video or YouTube. You can also check out Across the Spiderverse showtimes to see the new film in theaters.

Here's our full breakdown of how to watch every Spider-Man movie online in 2023:

What's the Best Order to Watch the Spider-Man Movies?

If you want to make sure you're viewing the movies in the best order for you, whether that be by release date or narrative chronology, check out our article on how to watch the Spider-Man movies in order.

The Spider-Man Movies in (Chronological) Order

Where to Watch Other Spider-Man Movies

Spider-Man has appeared in a handful of movies led by other characters within both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony's Spider-Man Universe.

Here's a list of each film and how to watch them online in 2023:

When Are New Spider-Man Movies Coming Out?

As of now, there are two confirmed Spider-Man movies in the works, both of which are animated: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (out June 2) and Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse (March 29, 2024).

There's been no official announcement regarding a new live-action sequel, though in February, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said a new Spider-Man movie is being written. "All I will say is that we have the story," Feige said. "We have big ideas for that, and our writers are just putting pen to paper now."

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