Doom Can Now Be Played On Twitter

Over the years, fans have managed to port Doom to a number of weird and wonderful places. From popping up in Minecraft to running on an Apple Watch, the game's community constantly seems to be finding new ways to play the game. In perhaps one of the more inventive methods to allow fans access the Doom universe, players are now able to complete the game on Twitter.

The creation of a Tweet2Doom bot on the social media platform now means that users can attempt to complete the game by using various commands in Twitter replies to the account. In doing so, players can control the game's iconic Doom Marine, and are able to see the consequences of their actions in short ten-second clips that the account sends back.

ROOT node for Doom Shareware 1.9
Read the instructions in the images below.

— Tweet2Doom (@tweet2doom) October 2, 2021

A full set of the rules and how to play can be found in the pinned tweet on the Tweet2Doom bot's account. However, gameplay essentially requires players to use a combination of letters and numbers to input commands to the game and then denote the number of frames that they'd like the action to be performed for. In a strange way, this almost gives the game a turn-based feel where players are able to react and plot their next series of moves after the bot responds with footage detailing their last set of actions.

Since the creation of the bot, a number of fans have tried their hand at the game. While various clips generated by the account show players bumping into walls and emptying clips blindly through the air, there are also some videos showing off impressive runs too. In the clip below, you'll find one player's 11-second attempt of the level E1M1 – a run that currently holds the Twitter2Doom speedrun record.

🏆 New Record! 🏆

Best time for E1M1
Difficulty: Hurt me plenty
Time: 0:11
Commands: 2

Tweet chain:


🎥 #t2d_speedruns

— Tweet2Doom (@tweet2doom) October 16, 2021

While players continue to try and one-up each other's record speedrun attempts at the game on Twitter, many fans might find they have greater success at completing the game through one of its more mainstream ports. Earlier this year, the Doom Slayers Collection was brought over to Nintendo Switch. Not only does this come with the added bonus of subsequently released Doom titles to play through, but you also won't have to play through the game in ten-second bursts.

Jared Moore is a freelance writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter.

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